Bowling Leagues

Spring/Summer Bowling Leagues

** All League Bowlers Get Unlimited FREE Bowling through August 31st**

Adult / Youth League Pizza / Beer League
Sundays at 6pm Tuesdays at 7pm
Begins May 24th Begins April 28th
12 Week Season 12 Week Season
$8 Per Person $12 Per Person
2 Person Teams ** Each Team Receives One Free Pitcher of Domestic
Beer and a 16″ Pizza Each Week**
Have a Ball League Junior League
Mondays at 7pm Thursdays At 5pm
Begins April 20th 3 Person Teams
$18 Per Week – 1 Ball Begins May 7th
$28 Per Week – 2 Balls $8.00 Per Person
18 Week Season 12 Week Season
3 Person Teams

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Please email or call Keith at 651-462-6000 with questions